Juicers Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane

Juicers Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Australia

Juicers Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Australia

Being new to wordpress, I’m attempting to start at the beginning.

Juicers Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane is my SEO tag for today.

I’ve not been a fan of blogs at all, there was a brief time where I attempted to read them, but I always found them high on opinion and low on things that really matter / high on subjectivity and low on things that are going to make any diff whatsoever.

So, low-grade apologies to all bloggers out there – the reason I’m doing this blog is to promote my SEO knowledge without having to design a web page.

Cos I’m an SEO-guy, I’m not a web designer, and nor do I ever want to get sandwiched between people who want a website and designers – there are few less highly-stressing places to be – maybe a wedding tent in Afghanistan with an American drone overhead, that’s about it.

People should have the common sense to talk to an SEO- expert before designing their website, however.

Otherwise you may end up with one of 3 horrific outcomes – in which case you’ve as good as built an online graveyard for your business:

1. If your designer plans to build your entire website in Flash, shoot them now.

2. If your designer plans to embed your website’s text into jpeg sections, hang them from the highest tree.

3. If your designer says “we’re gonna build your website using frames”, disembowel them – for your sake and theirs.

There, now you don’t need to talk to me in advance.

The next fatal flaw, once your website’s up and running, is to get stuck in some long-range contract with a large SEO company. What usually happens there is you pay them a large monthly fee, they do the required work in the first month – the bare necessities – and then they slug you $600 a month for the other 11 months for basically doing nothing.

Since there are so few options regarding SEO out there, these SEO sharks are making a killing and have already given SEO a bad name.

They won’t attack your website from a business development / entrepreneurial vision at all.

So you’ll end up with some passable modifications, but not with an expansive implemented plan which quadruples your online scope and therefore online results.

I can’t give away what I do for my clients at these advanced levels, because then everyone will start doing it – or much worse, start offering it, but either doing it badly or not actually delivering at all. But let’s just say that if there’s an SEO-Plus option out there, the plus is much more crucial than just doing “on-page SEO” and “off-page SEO”.

If you’d like to consider SEO with me email me via media@seotherapy.com.au


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