SEO Jobs in Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Search Engine Optimisation Employment Criteria

Interested in working in SEO in Australia?

SEO Jobs in Sydney Australia Melbourne Brisbane Search Engine Optimisation Employment

This job vacancy that has appeared (but will likely be filled by the time you read this) at least gives us all a sense of what a large company such as Virgin Mobile expects from their SEO staff.

Most of it is dead easy common sense, as much of SEO is – once you’ve got your skill set up in it anyway.

Here’s their spiel:

Here at Virgin Mobile, we are seeking a talented Web Search Specialist to take up an exciting new role to develop and manage the search strategy, maximising the search engine visibility to improve site traffic, sales and cost-to-serve. This position will act as the central point to co-ordinate and plan the delivery of the content and search strategy, and will involve working closely with colleagues in the online sales and marketing teams (both internal and external).

About the Role

  • Develop and deliver VMA’s search strategy in relation to current media communication channels
  • Ensure content strategy delivers to both brand and acquisition goals
  • Identify key objectives and how VMA will deliver against these (Short, Medium and Long term)
  • Deliver content strategy in line with best practice, and monitor, report and improve on results
  • To increase visibility of VMA’s search engines’ natural search listings
  • Develop & implement ‘best practice’ SEO principles through the identification of determining factors e.g. content, design & technology & links
  • Indirectly manage internal stakeholders to ensure online best practice guidelines are implemented
  • Ensure content is easily found & ranked by search engines
  • Improve the quality & relevancy to improve ranking of VMA web pages in natural search listings
  • Develop, implement & refine SEM landing page strategy
  • Realise increased sales volumes through natural search eCommerce campaigns.
  • Maximise ROI through monitoring agency-driven Pay Per Click campaigns.

To be successful in this role

  • At least 3-5 years experience in search-related activities, either in an agency or search organisation and a strong interest in SEO/SEM and all things Digital and eCommerce.
  • Has understanding of search experience and search engine optimisation best practices including appreciation of application interface design and presentation of results.
  • Must understand search engine technologies, taxonomy, metadata tagging, the relationship between search and information architecture, and an understanding of the customer journey.
  • Possess a Bachelor’s/College Degree (typically Marketing, Computer Science/Information Technology or equivalent) – desirable
  • Must be able to advise/train others in Web-related skills. Should have knowledge of industry standard search engine applications like Google Custom Search; familiarity with content management systems; and website metric tools like Omniture SiteCatalyst or Google Analytics.
  • Strong stakeholder management skills and influencing ability.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • The ability to manage to deadlines, whilst recognising limited resources and other priorities in the business.
  • Strong analytical skills and commercial acumen.
  • Project management.
  • Efficient work & time management.
  • Quality orientation and attention to detail.
  • Accountability.
  • Good relationship and people management skills.
  • Cultural fit and alignment to Virgin values.

To see where the job is/was posted click here.

The salary? Measly for all they expect! $65,000-75,000 + Super + Benefits.

Personally I’d rather keep my current batch of clients and continue to operate at my own maverick cutting edge. I don’t want to be giving out my uniquely developed techniques to a whole batch of other people – best they remain between me and my clients!

– Stewart Dawes – Sydney, Australia


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