Weight Loss Clinics Sydney Australia Weight Loss Trainers Products Retreats

Regarding: Weight Loss Clinics Sydney Australia Weight Loss Trainers Products Retreats

Weight Loss Retreats Clinics Sydney Australia Queensland Trainers Blue Mountains Weight Loss Resorts

Ontrack Weight Loss Retreat - more like a Resort than a Retreat

Once again dearly disinterested readers I have to bring you up to date with the evils of SEO as performed in a dank Sydney office for the edification of all those who seek to profit online.

My latest wicked foray has been a gig for the most excellent people at Ontrack Weight Loss retreats, who have launched in the glorious Blue Mountains: you can see them at http://www.ontrackretreats.com.au

My job has been to write articles for them which come up for Google searches such as:

Weight Loss Retreats in Sydney Australia

Weight Loss Products in Australia

Weight Loss Resorts in Queensland & NSW Australia

Fat Loss Products available in Australia

And many other such phrases.

Weight loss is a very competitive SEO term, with millions of results showing up – but the truth is I love a challenge – and SEO sure provides plenty of those.

One of the first things I did for them was set up a twitter account about weight loss – providing weight loss news, weight loss tips, weight loss advice, weight loss help: hence the creation of http://twitter.com/weightlossaust

We also explored keywords and keyphrases such as fat camps, obesity, childhood obesity, weight loss in the USA, weight loss in the UK, etc. Because after all, people will travel to a lush location such as the Blue Mountains from virtually anywhere, so they can get away from their eating habits and start again.

I’ve sure read up on the topic, and have found that when working for Ontrack, I’ve been eating very sensibly during the day – apples and salmon and celery and stacks of water – good stuff – I reckon I’ve lost 3 kilos just working on their project.

If you’re looking for SEO email me via media@seotherapy.com.au

– Stewart Dawes

Sydney, Australia.


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