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South African SEO guru Hondie van der Hoogenbok

SEO can be a very dry subject, and the seriousness with which it must be applied can, at times, become a bit of a drag.

And yet it’s more of a game than people wish to entertain or admit.

Hence the emergence of my alter-ego, South African SEO expert Hondie van der Hoogenbok.

After humble beginnings in regional Transvaal, Hondie made a big career move, courageously hitch-hiking to the cultural backwater of Bloemfontein to study SEO – search engine optimisation.

It was here, getting his first gig learning to SEO “home security systems in Bloemfontein”, that Hondie married his servant Selena, and began to realise that life wasn’t all black and white – it could be coloured too.

Returning to Transvaal for his compulsory military service, Hondie caught up with his uncle, Eugene Terreblanche, and began SEO-ing the website of his uncle’s AWB community group.

First he started out applying keywords and keyphrases such as “racist group who are more right wing than Adolf Hitler” and he found it very easy to get the AWB website to the number one spot on Google for these types of terms.

However over time, and with the change of government, the AWB’s SEO brief was expanded to include phrases such as “nicest guy in South Africa” and “the person who cares most for the blacks” for which he was able to get his uncle Eugene to the number 3 spot on Google, not just in South Africa, but in Tonga also.

Recently Hondie, having conquered in his own mind, has taken up the challenge to SEO Australia. As he says, Australians are a lot like the more racist groups in South Africa – so even though he complains at times, mostly he feels at home.

Since being here he has managed to SEO “koala meat” so that this product is now being sold all over the world.

For more info on Hondie and the SEO that he and I can do for your company, email

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Indeed SEO is a game, but it’s a game that you CAN win – we can get you to #1 on Google – and in fact we’ll get you ALL top 6 spots in your industry – not just one listing on Google’s first page of results, but 6. We’ve proven it. And we love achieving that over and over.

Stewart Dawes


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