Far Infrared Saunas Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide Hobart

Re: Far Infrared Saunas Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide Hobart

Far Infrared Sauna Sydney Brisbane Perth Melbourne Adelaide

Far Infrared Sauna Sydney Brisbane Perth Melbourne Adelaide

I’ve been looking into Far Infrared Saunas – their health benefits and information that’s out there regarding them.

This came about from working on the website of To Health By Choice, which has opened up research into the use of many other holistic terms used in SEO applications across the net.

In my early research I stumbled across a Cedar Wood website which had articles entirely set up to SEO-optimise such spelling versions as “saunen”, “souna”, “saunna”, “suana”. Each article had its own page, and was surprisingly ok written – the objects of such pages is entirely to get the mis-spelling searcher to land on their page. Pretty good if you can sell a sauna to someone who spells it “souna”.

However my desire was to SEO the client into the Australian market, not just for their infra red saunas but for their juicing machines, ionisersair purifiers, water distillers, auto-sprouters, and zen chi massagers.

Starting with the juicer options, I found this to be a very competitive area – there are well over 3 million search results for the word juicer internationally and 54,100 for Australian results. Fortunately I have a couple of things up my sleeve which can give me the advantage over other SEO operators: two long-standing “hobby websites”, one started a decade ago: sydneycafes.com.au – the other started at the end of 2002: freshmag.com.au – both fit the foodie/fitness/health angle very well.

Sydneycafes.com.au began with big plans but I found over the years that Sydney cafe owners would part with very little money to promote themselves. Since such reviews involve photography, writing, editing and uploading the pages, why should each of the media professionals (or enthusiastic amateurs) involved be providing these skills for free? Yet this is what most restaurant and cafe owners expected. Still, at times when the grub on offer is too hard to resist, I can at least reflect that I’ve had plenty of great review dinners out of the foodie adventure and have developed a fine “spare tyre” of gourmet fat. Gourmet fat doesn’t give you cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

But ten years of directly interacting with Google and its search engine compatriots led me to the realisation that at least (pretty much by accident) I’d developed an SEO skill-set which I could take to market. Not only that, but this cafe website acts like a mutated SEO-muscle (in a positive-Darwinian way), because with 1000+ unique users reading the site every day, when I organised a writer friend to review To Health By Choice’s juicer his review shot up to the absolute top of Google, and by linking to my client’s website from the review, there are two further benefits:

1. A link from a high-traffic website is looked on favourably by Google as a double-value “vote” for that site.

2. It’s crucial that any link is relevant. So writing about a juicing machine, which is after all a foodie lifestyle product, on a cafe/dining/food website, fits as relevant – the client scores with a highly-relevant vote. Google deplores link-farms and will score you down if link farms or non-relevant links go through to your website.

Since uploading in April 2009, the Sydneycafes juicing machine review page has gained prominence on Google with the page title of:

Juicer Juicing Machines Australia Sydney Melbourne Perth Brisbane Adelaide Canberra Hobart Darwin Gold Coast Sunshine Coast Compact Juicer (etc) ….

My writer friend Curtis Anthony was happy about it as he acquired a juicer to review, I got my client to the top of Google for scores of Australian market juicer-related search terms and phrases (they took up the offer of a large banner on the top of that page), and ultimately they save money on Google Adwords because if they score a client through a free organic click, they’re not having to pay so much out on Adwords.

From there I asked another writer friend, Simone Boulangerie, if she would like to review a juicing machine for the Freshmag website (the fit with the word “fresh” is just so, er, juicy), and so her review appeared here with the page title optimised for:

Juicers Australia Buy a Juicer Sydney Melbourne Juicing Machines (etc) …

The Freshmag website has never been redesigned (getting excuses in early, it looks like shite), it was knocked together by a friend in 2002 as back-up for an ill-fated magazine venture (a guide to “all things fresh and new in Sydney”), and yet despite lying dormant for years, when reactivated with some “fresh” content at the start of 2009 its pages have been given the status of longevity, and don’t let anyone fool you – longevity counts for a helluva lot with search engines.

So it sure needs a facelift, tip-and-tuck, boob job, nose-job, and like that Queensland politician it probably needs its legs broken and then lengthened – but no way is any designer touching it who isn’t SEO-aware – and that rules out about 98% of web designers out there.

So the further upshot was that because the Compact Juicer is a genuinely excellent product, the writers got a very rare (health) kick out of reviewing it, and both writers are still juicing regularly and talking about the health benefits of juicing to anyone who will listen. Usually writers and journalists only write about drinking in the context of alcohol, but the natural high that comes from downing nutrient-rich freshly squeezed juice seems to have become a much-vaunted substitute.

If you’d like me to SEO your website email me via media@sydneycafes.com.au


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